• Pola Box Trio
  • Pola Box Trio 1
  • Pola Box Trio 2
  • Pola Box Trio 3

Ceiling surface mounted luminaire with independent heads designed so that no light is wasted in the trim even when pivoted to its maximum of ±30° on each side. The optics can be adjusted separately; interchangeable reflectors, two snoot lengths, and high powered chip-on board LED sources are available. Compatible with Triac dimmers.

Specification sheet (PDF)

Installation sheet (PDF)


Anodised Effect Powder Coat
Black Powder Coated
Blue Powder Coated
Dark Bronze Effect Powder Coat
Green Powder Coated
Pearl Beige Powder Coat
Red Powder Coated
White Powder Coated
Yellow Powder Coated

Pola Box Trio

Pola Box
Pola Box Trio

Pola Box Duo
Pola Box Trio

Pola Pendant
Pola Box Trio

Pola Short
Pola Box Trio

Pola Surface
Pola Box Trio

Pola Trim
Pola Box Trio

Pola Trim Short
Pola Box Trio


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